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  • Get back to basics- Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Hard Sciences, and History

  • Increase our Literacy Rates, and Create Stronger and Better Prepared Graduates

  • Support School Choice and Education Freedom, because One-Size Does Not Fit All in Education

  • Maintain and Increase Safety on our Campuses

Hi, I'm Jessie Thompson, and I am running for our Volusia County School Board, District 3. I support a focus on literacy and making sure our children know how to read as they progress; I support school choice and education freedom; I also support school safety and working with our local authorities to maintain and improve safety measures.


As a parent of two young children, I bring a different perspective that our school board currently lacks. With my hands on approach, I look forward to really digging in, and seeing firsthand the materials that are in our children's classrooms and making sure that each subject taught has no ulterior motives. 

I support education freedom and school choice, and truly understand that education is not a one size fits all approach to learning. My children currently attend a free, public charter school in District 3, and I support parents being able to choose what kind of education they want for their children. 


We should have financial literacy for our students, should not include radical indoctrination, and make sure our students are taught the basics, including the good, the bad, and the ugly of history, and develop and foster an understanding of civics. We need to give our students a chance at a successful future. We've been fortunate in Florida to repeatedly witness Governor Ron DeSantis support family and students, and I proudly stand with him. 


Where do you stand? 


I stand for our kids, families, teachers and community. I want our children to have a proper education, be safe at school, and everyone to feel heard.  I'm running for our Volusia County School Board for the kids.

Jessie J. Thompson

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