Jessie is a mom. Her heart is invested so heavily in these public schools because she has two young children in Volusia County Schools and will for years to come. She and her husband live in New Smyrna Beach and are both products of the Volusia County school system. Her approach to the school board isn't to just stand by and find fault, but to come in with solid solutions to the issues we are currently facing.


According to, in 2022, the statewide reading proficiency score was 56%. Volusia County Schools had a reading proficiency score of 52%, with graduation rates being over 90%, and this is unacceptable. Increasing and sustaining Volusia County Schools reading proficient score will be Jessie's top priority. We must stop shuffling our children through the system and encourage them to read and learn.


Safety is a huge concern for parents, faculty, and staff within our schools, and Jessie firmly believes in commonsense protection and protocols. Schools can be safe without feeling like prisons and still foster a sense of comfort for our children. Working together with local law enforcement is something Jessie plans to do, and she has received the endorsement of Volusia County Sheriff Michael Chitwood.


Communities with great schools are communities that continue to grow and thrive. There is a relationship between successful schools and an increase in home sales and quality of life. The truth is that people move where they know their children will be educated appropriately and safely taken care of. Whether you have children in school or not, you are part of our community and deserves the best. 

Jessie Thompson is a commonsense mom who respects education, safety, and the importance of community to our schools. Her heart is in this for the children, and she humbly asks for your vote for the Volusia County School Board, District 3, on August 23, 2022.