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2020 Unleashes the Involved Parent

To say that 2020 was a rough year will forever be an understatement. The entire world as we knew it changed, and we all adapted to continue living. While there was so much destruction last year, I'm a glass half full kind of lady, and I will say that an amazing concept that came out of 2020 was people waking up.

What do I mean by waking up? Well, a couple different things. For one, parents and guardians realized just how valuable teachers were. If you didn't already grasp how much they do, you know now. A good teacher is invaluable. They not only handle teaching children, but they assist with the emotional struggles kids go through. A good teacher has more patience than I could ever muster.

We also all woke up and realized what being in the classroom was like. We observed the curriculum, and that some children are learning more than just addition and ABCs. So many were forced to become involved in their children's schooling and schools, and whether your school was good, bad or indifferent, you became more invested. That's a beautiful thing.

Parents often ask me, "How can we make a difference at our children's schools?"

The answer is here, and it's getting a current spotlight in the media right now: become involved. Join the PTA, volunteer at your child's schools, ask questions, attend school board meetings, work with your children at home and let them teach you what they've learned. My seven year old gets a kick out of "teaching me" whatever she has learned that day at school. Some may say they don't have time for an extra commitment, and I get that. But the smallest grain of rice can tip the scale, and a few extra moments of curiosity in your child's day may be just that needed touch.

Often times in history, it takes a great disaster to make us change the course. I'm not labeling 2020 a disaster, but it was no walk in the park. Use this great, monumental change and focus on schools to become that involved parent. You're doing great: You love your kids. You care for your kids. Be there for your kids.

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