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Campaign Beginnings

Hello all! Thank you so much for visiting our website. Whether you are already a supporter, or just curious, we welcome you to take a look around. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. This entire campaign is in the early stages, but with so much local love and support, we are moving fast.

Them team is starting to take shape right now, and strong, smart, and awesome are the best words that can used to describe us. Jessie Thompson is our candidate, ready to be elected into the Volusia County School Board, and introduce some much needed youth and insight. Paige Wideman is our Campaign Manager out of Winter Park, FL. She is joining our campaign after spending much of her time organizing and running charitable boards, working with children and those affected by tragedy. Cori Kish is our Communications Director, and our go to when you want to schedule your meet and greet opportunities. McKenzie Graham is our youngest member, and head of our Student Action Committee, which reaches out to all of our young people, because they truly are the heart of this campaign.

Biographies of each team member will be up on the site shortly, so look out for those, as well as pictures and stories from us on the campaign trail. We look forward to hearing from all of you, as well as meeting you personally. Thanks again for visiting our website, and God bless.

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