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New School Year

Volusia County is resting on the brink of a fresh, new school year. With the end of the 2020/2021 school year, the school board voted to make masks optional. A sigh of relief moved like a wave through parents, guardians and students in the county. Classes begin for many on Monday August 16th, and last night’s board meeting was spicy, as members from both sides of the masks waged a verbal back and forth. Some wanted a mandate. Others didn’t. To watch the drama unfold, and the emotions from both sides unravel, I had to send out a sympathetic vibe to the board members. I know how I would vote; I know what I would say to that audience. No matter what their decision, those members surely got a massive amount of hate mail following last night’s parade of mask talk. It truly takes bravery to serve on the school board, and that is an understated truth.

As it stands, Volusia County will remain a place of optional masking. If you want to wear it, have at it. If you can’t, or don’t want to, cheers to you too.

While the decision on teacher and staff masking is still being weighed in the balance, the fact that “Meet The Teacher” was moved to virtual for this Friday may be a sign of regulations to come. Stay tuned community of Volusia County; this school year is only beginning.

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