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School Board Mask Mandate

I never wanted to focus on the "mask mandate" discussion, especially as any sort of platform. My fingers are still crossed that by the time I'm elected into office next year, we have this mask issue under control. However, many of you have privately messaged me, wanting to know my stance on the mask mandate talks, so I suppose that we can have this chat.

The state of Florida made it a law that no smaller governments could make and enforce mask mandates. As of today, mask mandates are springing up in school boards all over our state. Our very own superintendent chastised parents at last night's meeting for not masking their children. My issue with masks on a personal level, is that I can't breathe. I have medical conditions that I don't need to discuss, and masks could actually do more harm than good for me. That's just on a personal level. I don't believe that any leader should ever let their own emotions dictate the restrictions or lack of, of others. That being said, how do I feel about the mandate?

Mandates of any kind, by any government are a terrifying concept. Governments differ greatly in the kind of people who serve on them, but get the wrong, power hungry kind, and suddenly, everything that they want to, can be mandated "for the greater good". The entire mask conversation is a great divisionary tactic to also distract us from bigger issues that are going on in the school board. At the Volusia County School Board, there are multiple law suits involving everything from discrimination, to shady deals and money that may or may not have been used unwisely. The literacy rate in our students is insanely terrible, unless you think only half of kids reading is a good thing. These are just a few issues, but the mask talk keeps taking center stage, while almost no one brings up the glaringly obvious issues in our schools.

So there you are friends: That is my piece on the mask mandate. Who knows what will happen at the state level concerning these mask mandates. I do know that next Tuesday, August 31st, our school board has called an "Emergency" meeting, likely to vote on the mask mandates for students. I'll be keeping you all updated on that fun via social media, and I'm sure that I'll blog about it at a later date. Please come and join me on that Tuesday if you care to. I would love to see as many faces out there as possible, supporting the most important of us all, the children.

Until next time, take care and God bless.

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