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Social Media 7 Day Cleanse

Some of you may have noticed my Instagram post, stating that I am taking a week long break from social media. Honestly, I'm sure all of you understand why I would want to do that. The world is moving so fast, and there are so many opinions, ads, news stories, and information in general being hurled at us 24/7. My husband and I decided to do a one week cleanse of all of that, just to regain our center and perspective.

Don't worry friends; I'm not gone for good. Not even for that long, and there are so many of you who have kept me in the loop for the local issues at hand. I appreciate you guys, and your love of staying connected in the more "old school" fashions.

I will say that this social media cleanse has done wonders for us, and we have only been off for 2 1/2 days. I'm sure by the end of this week, I will re-emerge refreshed, and ready to take on the social media world. Until then, stay safe, happy and healthy my friends.

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