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Supporting School Choice

When our oldest daughter was born, I began researching schools. As a new mom, it was my duty to make sure she had the best life possible, and to me, that meant the best education. I toured public, private, and charter schools, researched numbers and statistics and eventually applied for her to go to Burns Sci Tech, a charter school 24 minutes away from home.

Well, she didn’t get in. Out of the hundreds of children in the lottery that year, my little girl was one who didn’t get a letter.

Since she was born with achondroplasia, I knew I wanted a smaller school, so as she grew she wouldn’t have too far to walk from classes. I also wanted a small school because my husband and I both went to small elementary schools, and loved our experiences.

That was my first experience with school choice. We had to fill out a variance for her to attend a school that we weren’t zoned for. We found the school that worked for her specific needs, and have been very happy there.

I had also applied for our son to go to the charter school, and the wait list by now was over 2,000 students. My hopes weren’t too high, but I figured why not?

While I was attending a showing of a film recently on education, my husband texted me to let me know that our son got in. We couldn’t believe it. Our daughter didn’t get in however, so that leaves us with major school decisions to make.

I leave our story with you for a couple reasons. If you’re seriously concerned about your children‘s education, that’s not a bad thing. Researching and thinking “outside the box” isn’t bad either. Having the freedom to make the best choice for your child is a blessing that we have in Volusia County, and finding the best fit for you is important.

I also wanted you to know our story so that you can understand how seriously I take school choice. I have never wavered on this issue; never had to second guess my answer to the question. Parents deserve the right to find the best education for their child; they know them best, and they love them most.

When you vote on August 23rd, please remember that Jessie Thompson has always, and will always support school choice.

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