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Tallahassee Time, Again

For those of you who follow me on social media, you'll have noticed that I was in Tallahassee to meet with some of our representatives to discuss a couple bills this past week. One was HB1557. which has since been passed, and the other was HB7, which was also passed.

While meeting with people to discuss these bills was a very informative and exciting experience, one of my favorite parts was watching HB7 come full circle. My daughter Charlie and I were fortunate enough to be invited to The Villages a couple months ago, where Governor Ron DeSantis introduced HB7. To see it discussed now and passed on the house floor was an awe-inspiring feeling.

People have asked me over and over again, what changes do I want to see in our schools. I am not shy in discussing my support of parent's rights, or my want to increase our literacy rate. What made HB7 so important to me was that both of those items are discussed and supported. We are truly blessed to live in the great state of Florida, and I appreciate all the hard work that so many individuals locally, and statewide, are doing in support of our children. Together, we can shape a wonderful future.

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